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Our main aim is to train professionals with a first degree in a non business area in order to be able to learn and apply concepts, contents and the language related to the management field. The master provides on the one hand a solid knowledge in different aspects of the management area (accounting and finance, organisations, marketing, production, strategy, international management, business plan) and on the other hand a specific view of one industry sector (Fragrance & Cosmetics Management).Our specific objectives are: --> To provide a good solid base in business and management for students with a science background or any other background outside the business area. --> To prepare students for a career in the modern business world. --> To get students in touch with the reality of the industry by combining theory with practice. --> To provide the student with an international learning environment.

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The Master in Business and Management (MBM) is delivered by the Department of Economics and Management and the Department of Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences of the University of Padova, in partnership with the European Fragrance and Cosmetics Master (EFCM). It is a course designed for students who do not have a previous background in business and economics. Therefore it is ideal for students with a science degree such as chemistry, biology, pharmacy, engineering, statistics, agriculture, etc. Other degree courses may also be taken into consideration, so if you hold a degree in any area outside the business and economics field do get in touch with us and we will be able to advise you on whether our MBM is an appropriate course for you. The MBM has some subject specific modules, Industry Specific Courses (ISC), in the Fragrance and Cosmetics sector. Please check the Course Structure Details so you can understand what the specialisation modules are. The MBM is fully taught in English. If you are not sure whether you have the necessary language competence please get in touch with us by email or telephone and we will discuss this. You can contact us in Italian as well as in English.

Start date september 2021 - End date september 2022

Application deadline 25 August 2021


So far our graduates have been involved in the following areas of work after completing the MBM course: product safety, project management, marketing management, product development management, creative fragrance evaluation and management, science marketing, sales management, technical management, junior entrepreneur, etc. This master would interest specially those companies looking for professional profiles highly competent both at technical and management levels.

The MBM has a duration of 12 months for  the students who are not part of the EFCM program. Teaching takes place from September to March, followed by a period of compulsory internship lasting at least 4 months. Classes are held approximatively from Monday to Friday. There are days dedicated to group work and individual study. The Master ends with the elaboration and discussion of a Final Project Work (FPW), discussed around the end of September.

Mandatory attendance:   90 %

We use a variety of methodologies and activities in order to reach our objectives such as lectures, seminars, case studies, business games, visits to companies, interviews, group project, report writing and discussions, soft skill labs, etc.

We adopt an interactive approach in the classroom where students are encouraged to take an active role during the lessons. All teaching material is made available to the student prior to the start of a module. This allows students to prepare themselves before the teaching of a module start. We believe that given the intensive nature of this master course it is absolutely vital that students can have access to the course material in advance so they can make the most of each module.
Our learning approach includes the group work modality. It is important that students learn to work as a team in this environment. They are often requested to produce high quality team projects within limited amount of time. They then have to present the project in a professional manner. These activities encourage the development of certain skills that we consider of high importance and very relevant for managerial figures:

  • Team work
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Our experience shows that for our graduates having acquired or developed these skills is enormously useful and a real plus when they come to face the job market environment.

Since 2002, the MBM have welcomed students from more than 45 countries.Multiculturalism and international learning environment is one of the relevant features of the program that further contributes to professional growth of students.

  • Aula internazionale
  • Docenti internazionali
  • Lezioni in lingua straniera 100%

First-cycle degree (Bachelor's degree).

Single courses: high school diploma.

Requisiti per essere ammessi:
  • Laurea primo livello
  • Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica/Vecchio ordinamento
  • Titolo equivalente
  • Laureandi
Costo del master: 7900 Esente IVA
Some of the companies that come either in the classroom to give the lectures or take ourstudents as interns: L’Oréal Italia, L’Oréal Paris, L’Erbolario, Mavive, Mane Italia and Spain, Beauty San, BASF, Intercos, Beghin, Gattefossé, Unifarco, Estee Lauder, Chanel Parfumes, IFF, Givaudan, , Symrise (Italy ,France and Germany), Reckitt Benckiser Italia S.p.a , Jean Niel, etc.Some areas that our students could be involved in: marketing management, project management, product development, product safety, science marketing, sales management, technical management, regulatory affairs, junior entrepreneur, fragrance and cosmetic press and communications, etc.

  • Job posting
  • Individuazione aziende per stage
  • Affiancamento nei contatti con le aziende
Azienda Settore
  • Project Work
  • Docenze
  • Stage
Unilever Chimico
Mavive (Merchant of Venice)
Mane Italy and Spain
Gruppo L’Oréal
Beauty San
Reckitt Benckiser Italia S.p.a
Symrise (Italy, France and Genrmany)
Estée Lauder
L’Oréal Paris
Johnson and Johnson
Totale Partnership: 21
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