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The Master offers more than 600 hours of in-class training, during which students are constantly involved in practice-based projects with companies, agencies and consumers plus intense field experiences such as consultancy projects, creativity lab, workshops on influencer relations, individual assessment interviews, self-branding sessions, team-working support, diversity management training, job interview simulations, and field trips.The Master enjoys a broad network of partners and liaisons companies among which MSL Group, We are social, Italian Brand Factory actively involved in providing scholarships, business cases, venues for agency work-flow simulations. Companies such as Adidas, Chromavis, Coop, Disney, EcorNaturasì, Google, Ikea, Lovable, Mars Italia, Pandora, Sonae Sierra, 3M have been involved in real consultancy projects run by Master students. See more information about Partners here and about Career prospects here.

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            Master in Corporate Communication

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                  • Milano - Italia

                  The Masterin Corporate Communication from Cattolica University aims to provide participants with comprehensive and high level training which effectively combines the academic expertise of university professors in the field of corporate communication with the professional skills of communication managers belonging to some of the main global companies and communication agencies.

                  Classes develop a managerial and pragmatic approach and imply an active participation of the students who are involved in the discussion of business cases, in the implementation of strategic and operational documents such as communication plans, media plans and creative briefs, in the implementation of a final individual project work where students can make good use of the skills acquired during the Master and the internship

                  The Master will enhance the potential of young brilliant professionals to tackle all the complexities of communication management. Master in Corporate Communication graduates will gain 360º communication knowledge and may become part of any organization or agency to carry out tasks related to strategic and operational management of all areas of communication:

                  • accounting and strategic planning
                  • digital communication, social media, community management and influencer marketing
                  • public relations and event management
                  • corporate communication
                  • marketing communication and branding
                  • consumer and trend analysis and insight development
                  • internal communication

                  At the end of the Master students will be involved in real consultancy projects, for which they will have full responsibility to deliver a business solution to communication and branding issues. These projects are a real and direct bridge with potential employers.

                  Career prospects

                  IPMCC supports students’ career openings by:

                  • empowering students’ self-branding capability arranging classes focused on resume effective writing, job interview training, teamwork advice, and diversity and cross-cultural management;
                  • promoting the encounter between students and professionals directly in class. Many professors of Master in Corporate Communication are top executives that can decide to hire people for internship if students prove to be brilliant;
                  • involving students in field trips to companies, agencies, and consumption locations;
                  • challenging students with a real consultancy field project, which represents an opportunity to take on the full responsibility in managing a project and delivering a result activating the knowledge developed during classes. Consultancy projects are a real and direct bridge with potential employers;
                  • partnering with UCSC Stage and Placement office which gathers and constantly posts job opportunities;
                  • sharing students’ profiles with IPMCC partner companies and business liaisons beyond partners.

                  Over the past editions, IPMCC students have been hired for internships by companies such as Accenture, Aigo, Amplifon, Aviva, Barabino & Partners, BMW, Bosch, Boston Scientific, eBay, FIAT, Firmenich, Foodora (Rocket internet), Google, Gucci, Harper Collins, Hill & Knolton, Ives Rocher, Lego, L'Oréal, LeoBurnett, McCCann, Mediacom, Michelin, Montblanc, MSL Group, Nestlé, Ogilvy & Mather, Pandora, Pepsico, Pirelli, PwC, Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA, Vivtec, We Are Social, Young & Rubicam.

                  Classes run from Monday to Friday, 5 hours per day, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m.. IPMCC activities are also scheduled in the afternoon. In order to obtain the degree you must attend at least 80% of the classes in each module.

                  The course ends with an internship lasting at least 400 hours.

                  5 hours per day for 3 days a week - Tuesday to Thursday

                  nal exams at the end of each course and a final project work are due in order to get the Diploma, which will be obtained by the students after passing all the exams, the internship and the final project work


                  • Corporate communication
                  • Businessto- Business communication
                  • Consumer behaviour
                  • Brand management
                  • Market insights & Account management
                  • Internal communication & Employer branding
                  • Corporate & marketing public relations
                  • Advertising creative & media strategy
                  •  Interactive marketing communications
                  • Qualitative & quantitative market research
                  • Oral and written presentations
                  • EU business language course
                  • Eastern culture and language course
                  • Stage and Project work

                  • Aula internazionale
                  • Docenti internazionali
                  • Lezioni in lingua straniera 100%
                  • Tirocinio formativo all’estero
                  • Tirocinio formativo presso aziende internazionali
                  • Laurea primo livello
                  • Valutazione del portfolio
                  • Test e/o colloquio di lingua
                  Frequentare questo master ha un costo di € 10000 Esente IVA.

                  Si, sono previste borse di studio

                  Scopri tutte le agevolazioni e le borse di studio : richiedi maggiori informazioni, verrai contatta da un tutor.

                  Distinctive Features Restricted to a maximum of 30 participants, who may be graduates with a Bachelor or a Master Degree from Italian and foreign universities and graduate professionals; High profile Faculty made up of professors at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and at other international universities, executives and highly qualified communication experts; Dedicated web platform (teaching, discussion forum, team work, file sharing and tutorship); Tutoring services in the identification of the internship; Involvement of participants in group assignments and meetings with companies.
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                  ABC Production Agency, Henkel, International Advertising Association, Intesa Sanpaolo, Italian Brand Factory, Iterion, Mediacom, MSL Group, TBWA, Vizeum Aegis Media Group, We are social
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                  • Monitoraggio qualità del tirocinio
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                  • Presenza su social network
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                  • Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (59)
                  Nome del Master
                  Master in Gestione Assicurativa: innovazione, sostenibilità e scenari internazionali Milano
                  Master in Ideazione e Produzione Audiovisiva, Cinematografica e per i media Digitali Milano
                  Master in Accounting & Auditing Milano
                  Master Eventi e Comunicazione per la cultura - MEC. Arte, cinema, musica e spettacolo Milano
                  Master in Comunicare lo Sport Milano
                  Master in Food and Beverage: gestione e sostenibilità dei servizi di ristorazione Piacenza
                  Master in Event & Entertainment Design - Eventainment Milano
                  Executive Master Innovability Management. Innovazione digitale e sostenibilità Milano
                  Master in Media Data Management - MeDaM Milano
                  Master in Economia e gestione degli Scambi Internazionali Milano
                  Master in Digital Communications Specialist Milano
                  Master in FareTV. Gestione, sviluppo, comunicazione Milano
                  Master in Museologia, Museografia e Gestione dei Beni Culturali Milano
                  Master in Finanza Sostenibile Milano
                  Master in lingue slave orientali per le imprese internazionali del "Made in Italy" - LiSMIT Milano
                  Master in International Marketing Management Milano
                  Master in Middle Eastern Studies – MIMES Milano
                  Master in Marketing Management Milano
                  Master BookTelling. Comunicare e vendere contenuti editoriali Milano
                  Master in Financial Innovation: FinTech, AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity e Metaverso Milano
                  Master in Didattica dell'Italiano l2 Milano
                  Master in Corporate Governance CORE-GOV Milano
                  Master in Artiterapie e Terapie Espressive Milano
                  Master in International Human Resource Management - IHRM Milano
                  Master in Mediazione Familiare Milano
                  Master in Data Science for Management Milano
                  Master in Professione Editoria (libri, periodici, web) Milano
                  Master in Comunicazione per le Industrie Creative Milano
                  Master in International Cooperation and Development Milano
                  Master di I livello in Social Impact Economy & Management (locale, globale, business e non business) Brescia
                  Master in Compliance in Financial Istitutions - COFIN Milano
                  Master Neuroscienze Comportamentali: prevenzione, neuropotenziamento e neuroriabilitazione Milano
                  Master in Corporate Communication Milano
                  Master in Management dell’Immagine, del Cinema e dell’Audiovisivo - MICA Milano
                  Master in Specialista della Formazione Fisica per i Settori Giovanili nel Calcio Milano
                  Master in Arts Management Milano
                  Master Progettare Cultura. Arte, Design, Imprese Culturali Milano
                  Master in Account e Sales Management. Tecniche di gestione e negoziazione applicate alle vendite Milano
                  Master in International Business - MIB Milano
                  Master in Diritto penale dell'Impresa Milano
                  Master Azioni e Interazioni Attraverso la Teatralità Milano
                  Master User Experience Psychology Milano
                  Advanced global studies - MAGS Milano
                  Master di I livello in Direzione delle Imprese Locali e Globali (new global business) Brescia
                  Master in Comunicazione, Marketing digitale e Pubblicità interattiva Milano
                  Master in Advanced Public and Cultural Diplomacy for International Relations - MAPCD Roma
                  Master Crisis & Disaster Management: Funzioni Organizzative in Protezione Civile, Sicurezza e Difesa Milano
                  Master Fare Radio. Creazione e Comunicazione del Prodotto Radiofonico, Audio e Podcast Milano
                  Master in Corporate Advisory e Risorse Interculturali - CARINT Milano
                  Master di I livello in Comunicazione per il Settore Enologico e il Territorio Brescia
                  Master in Strategic Management for Global Business - SMGB Milano
                  Master in Servizi educativi per il Patrimonio artistico, dei Musei storici e di Arti visive Milano
                  Master in Comunicazione Musicale Milano
                  Master in Deutsch für die internationale Wirtschaftskommunikation Milano
                  Master in Relazioni d'Aiuto in Contesti di Sviluppo e Cooperazione Nazionale ed Internazionale Milano
                  Master in Media Relation e Comunicazione d'Impresa Milano