Fashion and Luxury Business – Major of the Master in Fashion, Luxury & Tourism Management Luiss Business School

The programme allows students to receive a general managerial education paired with the specialised paths of each major. All majors start with the foundations and core concepts of Management, Economics, Marketing, and Branding with a special focus on the Italian market.

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The Major in Fashion and Luxury Business, held in Milan and Amsterdam, focuses on the transfer of knowledge of both fashion and luxury industries, as well as developing a business-like approach to these fields.

Students develop an understanding of management techniques of fashion and luxury firms, while focusing on the strategies, management and business actions required to support their future career.

The programme enables graduates to start career paths in a wide range of organisations both in fashion and luxury industries. Furthermore, the international environment gives students further opportunities to expand their knowledge and skills.

The Major in Fashion and Luxury Business transforms classrooms in meeting spaces between top professionals in the industries and students. Influential guest speakers provide candidates with quality professional experiences, technical notions and compelling case studies to draw inspiration from. Students are shown a 360° vision of the fashion and luxury business scenes. Students furthermore are presented with explanations of career paths within the industries to inspire and direct candidates to the areas best suited to their inclinations and capacities.

Through the programme, students:

  • understand the operating mechanisms in fashion and luxury firms
  • comprehend corporate and business strategies
  • study how to manage a product portfolio
  • learn to analyse retail channels
  • become proficient with communication and image tools and techniques
  • discover modern key roles operating


Career prospects

The programme puts students on career paths in a wide range of organisations to:

  • Work within communication and image
  • Support operations and supply chain
  • Operate in visual merchandising
  • Define a digital marketing plan
  • Promote product and image brand
  • Operate as Luxury and Fashion Advisor

The admission test consists of: English Test (applicants with valid TOEFL/IELTS scores can be exempted from the English test); Logic Test—Inductive, Numerical, Deductive (applicants with valid GMAT/GRE scores can be exempted from the Logic test);  Personal interviews

Criteri di valutazione delle candidature:
  • Test e/o colloquio di lingua
  • Test di logica e/o psico-attitudinali
  • Colloquio individuale motivazionale
Requisiti per essere ammessi:
  • Laurea primo livello
Costo del master: 16000 Escl. IVA
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        Fashion and Luxury Business – Major of the Master in Fashion, Luxury & Tourism Management

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