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The LUISS Business School Part-Time MBA is an advanced academic programme designed for all those who wish to develop their professional ambitions along with their tight working schedules.The Programme is designed to ensure innovative and competitive skills required by the market. You will experience a newly designed MBA - built around the concepts of Transformation, Impact and Sustainability. The programme is open to students from around the world, with a wide range of career backgrounds in various industries and functions, and to managers, entrepreneurs, start uppers and professionals who want to invest in themselves and boost their professional careers.The programme is designed for professionals who are ready to expand their current career prospects without sacrificing their present work and life commitments.

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The Part-Time MBA lasts 22 months, takes place in Rome at LUISS Business School and its lessons are held in English every other weekend.

Students will be given the opportunity to build a strong network with professionals and companies such as Fendi, KPMG, Novartis, Vodafone, Google, or Barilla. Entrepreneurial partners of our university will introduce the aspects of their core business during the workshops and networking café initiatives analyzing market opportunities and giving students the
chance to communicate their ideas following a reciprocal proactive exchange. The MBA Alumni Association also represents a diverse network of partners, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals.


Focussed with the aim to ensure sound personal skills and competencies to tackle the complexity and the uncertainty of global competition, the program is based on 3 main pillars.

  • Hyper-Personalisation. Students customize their learning journey, to accommodate each individual’s professional objectives, by leveraging the Tailored component of the learning model.
  • Impact. Students widen their international network by interacting and engaging with peers during the many international initiatives thus impacting their global reach while also participating in impactful challenges where they propose solutions to Real Company Business Cases in a tangible and pertinent context.
  • Innovation. The opportunity to engage with an innovative learning model, designed to optimise the Sync and Async experience and leverages the hybrid model of teaching (on-campus/online), allows students to experiment with the innovative technology and explore boundless opportunities of learning.


The aim of the programme is to facilitate personal and professional growth and further development of these skills by linking them to managerial culture driven by entrepreneurship, innovation, internationalization and leadership.


1. Your personalized MBA learning experience
Peer-to-peer learning and interaction through seminars, role-plays, case studies, business games and projects deliver a personalized experience for your MBA.  Add in specialist labs for digital, entrepreneurial and communication skills and your MBA is tailored to ensure you reach your course goals.

2. From Italy to your world
Backed by the confederation representing the Italian corporate sector, Confindustria, wherever you look there are connections from classroom to company.  Benefit from a network with over 2000 firms and highly qualified professionals who grow the MBA experience through workshops, conferences and meetings.

3. At the heart of Rome, at the summit of business education
There is no place like Rome. The city is a cultural melting pot, its historic center listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Rome inspires new business thinking.  And as an EQUIS-accredited international business school, Luiss is part of a group of only 1% of the world’s top schools, ensuring the highest standards for your education.

4. The power of diversity
Driven by diversity in teaching and learning, the Luiss MBA powers an international experience. A multicultural classroom connects you to the world, learning from the experience of others, drawing on their diverse skills and embracing their approaches to problem solving

5. Weekend formula
The Part-Time MBA allows you to combine your work commitments and studies with a weekend formula. Classes are scheduled every other week, and the program can help you to improve your position within your current organization or to find new challenges.

  • Aula internazionale
  • Docenti internazionali
  • Lezioni in lingua straniera 80%
  • Study tour all'estero
  • Tirocinio formativo all’estero
  • Tirocinio formativo presso aziende internazionali
  • Frequenza del master presso sedi estere
  • Rilascio di titoli di studio esteri
Criteri di valutazione delle candidature:
  • Valutazione del cv
  • Test e/o colloquio di lingua
  • Test di logica e/o psico-attitudinali
  • Colloquio individuale motivazionale
Requisiti per essere ammessi:
  • Laurea primo livello
  • Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica/Vecchio ordinamento
  • Titolo equivalente
  • Professionisti
  • Manager
Contributo per selezioni: SI
Numero massimo di studenti ammessi: 30
Per le iscrizioni a titolo aziendale il costo di iscrizione è pari a 26.000 Euro + IVA
Costo del master: 30000 Escl. IVA
  • Servizio navetta
  • Laboratorio
  • Accesso wifi
  • Accessibilità disabili
  • Mensa/Buoni Pasto
  • Attività culturali

  • Book e/o database dei diplomati
  • Sondaggio occupazionale ex-allievi
  • Risorse multimedia: links/e-books
  • Sportello dedicato
  • Assessment tool (punti di forza, match con aziende, attitudinietc.)
  • Risorse per avvio start up
  • Inoltro cv alle imprese
  • Monitoraggio feedback aziende
  • Opportunità internazionali
  • Presentazioni aziendali
  • Careerday
  • Stesura CV
  • Seminari di orientamento
  • Preparazione al colloquio
Attivita legate alla Community Alumni:
  • Associazione ex-allievi
  • Presenza su social network
  • Incontri con ex-allievi
  • Tavole rotonde
  • Reunion
  • Newsletter
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