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Academic TitleStudents who participate in the EMLE programme will receive an official degree from every partner university they have spent a term at. (LL.M. titles or master titles equivalent to an LL.M.), with the exception of students that attended the Universities of Rotterdam, Ghent and/or the University of Hamburg who will receive a Joint Degree (LL.M. “European Master in Law and Economics’). All of these degrees will bear the Erasmus Mundus: Erasmus+ label and are officially recognized in all countries involved. In practice, all students who come to LUMSA during their third term will receive the EMLE Joint Master Degree as well as the title o f“Master di primo livello”released from LUMSA.

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A master across Europe and beyond
The European Master of Law and Economics (EMLE)  is a 1-year Master programme jointly offered by LUMSA University and other 9 partners: the University of Aix-en-Provence, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, the University of Ghent, Haifa University, Hamburg University, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (Mumbai), the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the University of Vienna, and the University of Warsaw.

EMLE is forging a path in producing future lawyers and economists equipped with an interdisciplinary background ready to handle the multidimensional challenges of European and international business and law.

The programme, completely taught in english, is divided in three terms. Students can choose where to spend their first 2 terms between Hamburg University, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the University of Ghent and Haifa University. In their third terms, students can take exams and write their Master’s thesis in the other partner universities, including LUMSA. Therefore, all students spend potentially all three terms in different universities around Europe and beyond.

EMLE provides an experience lauded as “an outstanding educational concept” which synthesizes law and economics together into a programme that is both manageable in its structure and innovative in its design. This programme creates an atmosphere of internationality through its students and its universities, which provides both a learning experience for its scholars and a desirable trait for future employers.

The combination of law and economics fosters an atmosphere of idea sharing and introduces different techniques for examining and handling problems.

The programme duration lasts for one academic year with three terms; the first and second terms comprise introductory courses as well as core courses on the major topics in the economic analysis of law, while in the third term, students take specialized courses and write their master thesis.

The first term takes place at either  Hamburg, Haifa or Rotterdam Universities. In the first term, students earn 20 ECTS credits. All students are offered a Foundation course in two parts and must attend the remaining four courses (two single courses and a double course). ECTS credits earned with each course are reported in brackets.

The second term takes place at either Hamburg, Rotterdam or Ghent. In this term, students earn 20 ECTS credits. All students must attend the same three fundamental courses. In addition, they must attend two specialized course, which depend on the selected track for specialization. ECTS credits earned with each course are reported in brackets.

For the third term, students earn 20 ECTS credits divided as follows: 5 ECTS credits are earned by attending two courses within the specializations introduced already in the second term:

  • Public and International Law Track (Mumbai, Rome LUMSA, Hamburg)
  • Innovation and Intellectual Property Track (Mumbai, Aix)
  • Markets, Corporations and Regulators (Vienna, Warsaw, Rome, Aix)

15 ECTS credits are earned writing a master thesis in the form of a scientific paper of no more than 13.000 words on a specific subject in Economic Analysis of Law. In principle, supervision of master theses is offered in the area of a specialization, although a variety of other topics is allowed.

Project Work
CONSOB Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa
Lear Tailored solutions in economics
AGCOM Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni
GSE Gestore Servizi Elettrici

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