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The International Executive Programme in Marketing is designed to achieve marketing and sales excellence in today’s complex, fast-changing environment. It will provide detailed and far-reaching knowledge of the marketing and sales fields, and focus on enhancing participants’ strategic vision and helping them master operational levers in order to drive product, brand and company performance.Participants will master the different fundamental areas of marketing and sales while developing the ability to generate an impact. The programme will take place in a unique, multi-cultural and multi-experience environment.A distinct combination of applied marketing theory and practical exercises in traditional and leading-edge situations will ensure a clear step-up in the competencies of future leaders in marketing, sales and communication. Participants from various industries will master the complexity of a continually evolving landscape characterized by the presence of hyper-connected customers in a setting of proliferating touchpoints, offerings and experiences as well as multi-level competition.Luiss Business School promotes an immersive learning approach. In other words, the learning process is characterized by practical discussions of real-life situations and the sharing of experiences among participants and faculty.The business school employs the Moodle Learning Platform, which guarantees that participants can easily access materials online.

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Target Audience

The programme is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their marketing and sales capabilities, and at middle managers who aspire to advance their careers in the marketing and sales area. Potential participants include:

  • Product and service managers;
  • Brand and marketing managers;
  • Communication managers;
  • Digital communication managers;
  • Content managers.
Costo del master: 19500 Escl. IVA
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        International Executive Programme in Marketing

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