Master di secondo livello in Leadership in Glocal Architectural Design Politecnico di Milano - Scuola Master Fratelli Pesenti

The master program will be a machine to decode and understand the creative advantages of Brand Italy, and the power of “Made in Italy”, as it could be successfully applied in different contexts around the word.

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With an increasingly competitive environment, the creative professional and creative industries have to keep up with the new frontiers of innovation. This is particularly true in the field of Architecture, a discipline which is intimately linked to the human being, there is a need to understand that building spaces for humans and society are linked to a clear understanding of how humans behave, how people develop habits and how these attitudes vary form country to country. This is the way Architecture should respond depending on cultural issues. 

This course will create entrepreneurs who can learn from the Italian example, and use this to see and develop opportunity around the world. This knowledge will become a foundation for global design growth and a dynamic generator of ideas and explorations to promote new ways of thinking and acting in the creative economy. The international course is held in English and teaches students the importance of combining traditional practices and theories with concepts and methodologies required to meet the needs of the modern architectural design industry. This requires outstanding craftsmanship, excellent design & architecture skills, unique thinking experience conveyed throughout all interactions with different ways of living, and the building of a strong meaning through branding. This Masters course is intended to form such a kind of professionals. The present conditions of architectural and building plan, the current phase of internalization of knowledge, the new productive procedures, which more and more expression of globalized HIGH TECH dimension, require more and more to be hybridized with the cultural and handcrafts specificity of each country, integrating in SLOW dimension. Such a need presses to work more and more on the integration of the different scales of design and knowledge. But it is also important to work on the fundamental aspects of the plan in a new perspective capable of facing technical and formal innovation, new ways of ‘mass-reproduction’, flexibility to different contests, utilization of new materials, and experimentation of new productive modes.

3500 € da versare in 2 rate o in unica rata (master ONLINE). 10000 € da versare in 2 rate o in unica rata (Master ONSITE).
Costo del master: 3500 Incl. IVA
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Politecnico di Milano - Scuola Master Fratelli Pesenti

Master di secondo livello in Leadership in Glocal Architectural Design

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