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This Master Programme will be addressed to give a system of knowledge, expertise and know-how to analyse the set of issues related to the UN 2030 Agenda and how manage through project management instruments and a problem solving approach. Whom is this program for? Young professionals or graduate/graduating students (Bachelor's degree, Master of Science’s degree or equivalent) in Natural/Hard Sciences (Architecture, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics) or in Social Sciences (Anthropology, Communication, Economics, International Relations, Law, Management, Pedagogy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology) or in Humanities (History, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Theology).

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The Master in Management of Sustainable Development Goals (MSDG - first level) is a problem-solving oriented, creative, innovative, learning-by-doing Master Programme whose aim is to support participants from around the world, in the acquisition of knowledge and competencies on the management of sustainable development in dynamic environments.

The vision and the focus of the MSDG will be the spread of a new idea of development, which implies inter-linkages and a multidimensional approach to solve in a world scale the issues and challenges concerning the preservation of the planet and of its inhabitants in long time. 

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or higher qualification (e.g. Master's degree) or a degree obtained through the old system (ante DM 509/1999) or being on track to graduate within April 2022* in Natural/Hard Sciences (Architecture, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics) or in Social Sciences (Anthropology, Communication, Economics, International Relations, Law, Management, Pedagogy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology) or in Humanities (History, Languages, Literature, Philosophy, Theology).
  • Proved English language proficiency** by means of Cambridge test (minimum level B2) or IELTS (minimum grade 6.5) or TOEFL (minimum grade 85) or Level B of English Knowledge by Certification or oral exam with MSDG Commission.
  • An interview via Skype with the MSDG Scientific Director.

*Candidates who don't have their Bachelor degrees at the time of application will be urged to provide convincing evidence that they will be able to comply by September 30, 2021.

**Applicants not holding a certificate can still apply and, upon conditional offer, will be assessed by an English Knowledge Interview.


The MSDG aims at integrating knowledge and expertise in the field of Social Sciences – from Geopolitics to Economic Growth, Social Development, International Law – with the UN Agenda SD goals and a set of strategic competencies to manage international projects on Sustainable Development – SD Project Management, Negotiation and Cultural Mediation Technical, Social Corporate Responsibility, Social Innovation Promotion and Dissemination of SD Projects, Problem Solving.

MSDG graduates are skilled to be Managers of Sustainability. The program is of relevance to those planning to work, or working in: private sector companies increasingly engaged to upgrade their sustainable corporate strategy; Government ministries and other public sector bodies and companies concerned with policy analysis in the in the fields of sustainable development and environmental planning; International and non-governmental organizations concerned with the sustainable dimensions of economic change; Applied research and teaching in institutions of research and higher education.

The program is completed in 12 months divided in three terms:

  • the first term covers mainly the first (Sustainable Development Goals) and second (Socio-Economic Challenges) pillar with the aim first, of introducing the SDGs and second, of studying the challenges related to society and economy that a Sustainability Manager needs to face and solve;
  • the second term is entirely focused on Management of Sustainability (pillar 3) and is intended to emphasize different fields of management, combining quantitative and risk management topics. It focuses on the most technical aspects of management practice while stressing the institutional, organizational and regulatory background;
  • the third term addresses the Environmental challenges (pillar 4) and focuses also on the Financial tools and institutions necessary to reach sustainability (pillar 5).

To qualify for the Master degree participants must successfully complete: 

  • 5 pillars (SDGs, Socio-Economic Challenges, Management, Environmental Challenges, Finance) – all the pillars are introduced during the three weeks of frontal lessons that take place at the beginning of each term. The rest of the classes will be run in e-learning mode, consisting of e-lessons and of interactive e-lab. Each pillar is assessed on the basis of a test and either an-end-of-course essay or final project. In some pillars, during the frontal week, class participation and oral report presentations might be graded; 
  • an internship-based individual project or internship report and 
  • a thesis.


Il Master of Science in Sustainable Development Goals (MSDG) di LUMSA International è un Master internazionale in lingua inglese di I livello di durata annuale.

  • Aula internazionale
  • Docenti internazionali
  • Lezioni in lingua straniera 100%
  • Tirocinio formativo all’estero
On the basis of the selection results could be approved:- 1 full scholarship of € 10,000.00- 2 advanced scholarships of € 7,000.00- 7 partial scholarships of € 5,000.00
Costo del master: 10016 Incl. IVA
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