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Today designing products means dealing with both their ideation and their feasibility addressing their entire lifecycle according to a sustainable logic. Industrial design is responsible for the most common consumer goods as well as for new and innovative artifacts. It is also what lies behind the tools and the processes involved in their production and distribution.

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  • Master di primo Livello
  • Inglese
  • Full time
  • 1500 Ore

A designer conceives products addressed not only to a potential market, but also to the society that has its own consumer rituals and manners. The Master’s course provides an overall experience in product design, from the preliminary concept to its refinement, from physical and digital representation to the communication of the project. The educational approach stresses the experience provided to the user and the broader meaning of the product as the designer must also control the impact that his product will have on a social and environmental level. Students are proposed an open, interdisciplinary methodology that values their own cultural background and emphasizes the role of dialogue and mutual exchange in the creative process. The association with major industrial partners has the purpose of perfecting the education by providing students with challenging tasks that allow them to face the relationships with business and organizations in a mature way. Technical training is emphasized to build up solid professional groundings. The result of this work is translated into high quality education with a professional orientation.

Learning areas:

-Design Laboratories

-Computer design

-colour, material and finishing

-History and Culture of Design

-Materials and Technologies

-Advanced Visualisation Techniques


-Professional Empowerment (a specific workshop is focused on the development of a portfolio and of other supports of personal branding)

 The Master lasts 15 months (from
October to December of the following
year, with a summer break in August).
Attendance is full time. The total
workload of the course corresponds
to 1500 hours/student encompassing
lessons, class exercises, internship and
individual study.

At the end of lessons, students start
a three-month internship at companies
or professional firms in the field.

The Master’s course is held in English.

The Master’s course in Web and Digital
Design is organized in collaboration
with the Milan based IULM University
and award academic degree certificates
and credits under the ECTS system.
After successful completion of the
Master programmes, qualifiable
students that have matriculated at SPD
and IULM, will be awarded with the
first level University Master Diploma
recognised by the Italian Ministry of
Education, University and Research
and corresponding to 60 ECTS credits.

  • Aula internazionale
  • Docenti internazionali
  • Lezioni in lingua straniera 100%

The program
has a limited number of places
available. Applicants will be admitted
upon selection based on the student’s
CV, motivation letter, portfolio and on
a Skype interview.

Criteri di valutazione delle candidature:
  • Valutazione del cv
  • Lettera di motivazioni
  • Referenze
  • Colloquio individuale motivazionale

Upon selection the Master admits
graduates in Industrial or Product
Design, Architecture, Product
Engineering or equivalent, and
students from academies of applied
arts; candidates who have gained
significant professional experience in
the field. The program has a limited
number of places available. Applicants
will be admitted upon selection based
on the student’s CV, motivation letter,
portfolio and on a Skype interview.

Requisiti per essere ammessi:
  • Laurea primo livello
  • Titolo equivalente
  • Laureandi
E' possibile pagare il corso in tre rate.
Costo del master: Non dichiarato
SPD supports all students looking foraccommodation in Milan.
  • Laboratorio
Al termine del percorso d'aula, lo studente svolgerà uno stage presso aziende e studi del settore.

  • Assessment tool (punti di forza, match con aziende, attitudinietc.)
  • Inoltro cv alle imprese
  • Monitoraggio feedback aziende
  • Individuazione aziende per stage
  • Affiancamento nei contatti con le aziende
  • Monitoraggio qualità del tirocinio
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