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Our Master in Environmental Management of Mountain Areas is highly interdisciplinary and it is offered in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck (Austria). Both universities contribute their expertise in an integrative way to ecological, engineering and socio-economic perspectives of mountain landscape management.The programme takes advantage of the particular location of the partner universities in the Central Alps and includes both student and teacher mobility between the two countries. Courses will be taught by lecturers from both universities.

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            Master in Environmental Management of Mountain Areas

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                  The sustainable development of mountain regions has to consider economic, ecological and social aspects. Currently, in particular the environments of the European Alps are facing ecological (e.g. climate change, glacier retreat, hydrological changes) as well as land-use changes (e.g. urbanization, abandonment of mountain agriculture), the latter often driven by socio-economic reasons. While human activities in the mountain areas should be economically viable and broaden opportunities for local communities in terms of profit and jobs, it also has to match the goal of contributing to improving the degree of conservation and renewal of biotic and abiotic resources at the ecosystem level, which ultimately represent, over time, the essential ingredients of sustainable management. Social changes including immigration from countries outside Europe as well as ageing of resident populations are also changing the social structure of the society in mountain areas. Additionally, there is an increasing need for expanding the production of energy from renewable sources (e.g. wood biomass, biogas, and hydropower). 

                  There is a common understanding that environmental problems should be solved by an international and interdisciplinary cooperation. Thus, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (unibz, Northern Italy) and the University of Innsbruck (Austria), both located in the Alps, have developed an international Master program (Italian class: laurea magistrale, LM 73) which focuses on sustainable landscape development as well as ecosystem and land-use management in mountain regions. The cooperation between these universities combines in an integrative way the ecological as well as the socio-economic perspective of ecology and management of mountain landscapes. Additionally, it contributes to an intensification of cooperation between Italy and Austria on the university level.

                  Career opportunities

                  The interdisciplinary and research-oriented master programme opens up a wide range of occupational opportunities for graduates all over the world, in particular environmental assessment, monitoring and management of protected areas, project planning and Eco-certification in the fields of agriculture and forestry, analysis and natural hazard assessment of hydrogeological origin, and elaboration of development plans of agricultural mountain areas, as well as various scientific careers.

                  Structure of the course

                  The first study year is to be completed at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and focuses on basic natural science and technical skills and competences in 9 compulsory modules.

                  The second study year at the University of Innsbruck, with two compulsory modules and several elective modules, gives students the possibility to focus on environmental and resource management, nature protection, landscape ecology and planning, agriculture and forestry as well as water and waste management in mountain areas.

                  Students work in interdisciplinary teams to carry out scientific research that is result-oriented, focused on targets and related to their Master dissertation project.

                  In the study plan you can find the partner university of the courses of your interest. In the course offering instead you can find the course descriptions.

                  The Master program reflects and promotes the Bologna process in Europe with regard to the cooperation between European universities at both student and teacher level and strengthens the academic axes of Bolzano-Innsbruck from the Southern towards the Northern Alps. Within the courses, an intensive cooperation with the stakeholders in the mountain environment will be realized. The course language is English with possibilities to improve the knowledge of German and Italian. Students will become acquainted with mountain-specific topics from an international and interdisciplinary perspective.    

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