Master in Data Analytics for Economics and Management Libera Università di Bolzano

This programme is designed for students interested in developing state-of-the-art skills in computing, econometrics, statistics and mathematics and using them to solve a wide range of data analysis problems arising in economics and management. Students will learn a variety of cutting-edge techniques enabling them to extract meaningful information from large data sets and effectively communicate the results of their analysis, thus influencing various key processes and strategic decisions in the organisations in which they will work.

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            Master in Data Analytics for Economics and Management

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                  This study programme can open a variety of exciting and well-paid career paths. Graduates will  have
                  acquired the skills needed to work as professional business analysts, data scientists, managers or consultants in organizations that operate in a data-driven society.

                  Additionally, they will acquire the background necessary for enrolling in PhD programs in fields closely connected to quantitative economics, business analytics and data science. Skilled data analysts are some of the most sought-after professionals in the world now. Because of the strong demand and very limited supply of graduates, data analysts often receive high salaries and excellent job prospects, even at the entry-level.

                  Data analyst jobs are available in a wide range of private industries and public organisations, since any company using data also requires staff with a high level of analytic competency.

                  The programme is divided into two tracks: Data Analytics for Economics and Business Analytics.

                  Both tracks share a strong methodological core in computer science, statistics, mathematics, and econometrics. The specific goals of the tracks are:

                  • Provide a strong foundation in theoretical and applied statistics and in machine learning, which are essential tools for developing effective models and methods for data analysis and prediction.
                  •  Develop computer science skills that are crucial for building algorithms and programming tools suitable for the implementation and application of data analysis methods.
                  • Develop a profile that combines solid quantitative skills with domain knowledge in economics and business to support management in making data-driven strategic decisions.
                  • Develop problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, the ability to convey results effectively, and an understanding of ethical and legislative issues related to the use of big data.

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