Laurea Magistrale in Industrial Mechanical Engineering Libera Università di Bolzano

This Master of Science (“laurea magistrale”) in Industrial Mechanical Engineering from University of Bolzano trains industrial mechanical engineers able to work in a wide range of areas and interdisciplinary projects combining mechanical and digital manufacturing engineering skills with management and logistics competencies.

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  • Lauree Magistrali
  • Inglese
  • Full time
  • 2 Anni
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            Laurea Magistrale in Industrial Mechanical Engineering

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                  • Bolzano - Italia

                  By paying particular attention to the latest engineering technologies and AI developments in manufacturing started with the industry 4.0 revolution, beyond a common training on advanced mechanical and industrial engineering subjects, students have the chance to highly customise their competencies choosing among the following tracks (pre-defined study plans):

                  • Computational Mechanical Design
                  • Digital Manufacturing and Automation
                  • Digital Manufacturing and Management
                  • Logistics and Production (double degree with the OvGU Magdeburg)

                  Courses combine theory and engineering practice. Lecture halls are equipped with modern technologies to allow hybrid and remote teaching, and e-learning tools are adopted to complement and support the lectures. Laboratory and project activities are seamlessly integrated into the programme’s activities and students have access to state-of-the-art software tools and equipment in the Smart Mini Factory and the Mechanical Lab, among others. Courses are taught by unibz leading research professors, supported by experts from relevant industries. In-class learning is further enriched by excursions to trade fairs as well as local, regional and international companies.

                  The master in Industrial Mechanical Engineering from Bozen's University is offered as a full-time programme, though thanks to the modern teaching tools adopted, an increasing number of students are able to work in South Tyrolean companies during their studies.

                  Upon graduation, students can take the Italian state examination for the profession of Ingegnere Industriale Senior (Senior Industrial and Mechanical Engineer) and after passing this examination to join the Ordine degli Ingegneri (Italian Chamber of Engineers) - Section A.

                  Career Opportunities

                  Our graduates are able to design and analyse mechanical systems and structures, to define and manage the suitable production systems, as well to manage materials procurement, operations and logistics. In doing so, the programme provides students with the tools for a career as an engineer or a consultant. This includes research and development, engineering design, calculation and analysis, manufacturing, automation technology, production systems procurement, production, operations management, internal and external logistics and quality assurance.

                  At a Glance

                  ECTS credits: 120
                  Duration of the course: 2 years
                  Courses will be taught in: English
                  Places available: 40 EU + 10 non-EU
                  Campus: Bozen-Bolzano

                  The first part of the programme provides students with the fundamental master-level mechanical and industrial engineering knowledge. This combines traditional and novel mechanical engineering subjects, including mechanical and mechatronic design, manufacturing technologies and simulation, with management and systems engineering courses including contents in project, process and technology management as well as robotics and control.

                  The second part of the programme is dedicated to deepening students’ knowledge in the subjects of the selected track, carrying out a study (term) project, and attending elective courses. These subjects are reported in the following.  

                  • Computational Mechanical Design,
                  • Digital Manufacturing and Automation,
                  • Digital Manufacturing and Management,
                  • Logistics and Production 

                  The third and last part of the programme is dedicated to the research for and the writing of the master thesis. Students have the option of carrying out their master thesis in house at unibz or in cooperation with local or international companies. Previous theses have been carried out at companies and research centers such as BMW, 3M, Intercable, Progress, Leitner, and Fraunhofer Italia.

                  Frequentare questo master ha un costo di € 1350 Esente IVA.

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                  L’Ufficio per il Diritto allo Studio universitario della Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano è l’ufficio competente per posti alloggio negli studentati e borse di studio. Per informazioni puoi rivolgerti all’Ufficio provinciale o ai collaboratori dell'Associazione studenti universitari sudtirolesi.