MIEX - Master in International Management Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna

Candidarsi a MIEX è un passo importante e vorremmo aiutarvi a prendere una decisione. Mettetevi in contatto con noi il prima possibile, in modo che possiamo aiutarvi a personalizzare la vostra esperienza MIEX in base ai vostri obiettivi di carriera e ad assistervi nel perfezionamento della vostra candidatura.Ogni anno, candidati provenienti da un'ampia varietà di contesti culturali, personali e professionali fanno domanda per entrare a far parte di MIEX. Sebbene ogni studente MIEX e ogni classe siano unici, ci sono alcune qualità che li accomunano: sono persone motivate, aperte, affamate di nuove esperienze, che portano con sé una curiosità che promuove l'approfondimento e una forte etica del lavoro mista a una sana dose di audace ambizione.

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            MIEX - Master in International Management

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                  Create your own opportunities. Get MIEXed.

                  Join the next wave of dynamic, business leaders in a Master program that will train you to have the right skillset needed to succeed in the global marketplace. Designed to be a platform of tools and connections, you’ll find yourself well positioned at each stage of the program to launch the next phase of your academic and professional career.

                  MIEX is a multiple degree program fully taught in English for graduate students wishing to develop skills and expertise in the internationalization of firms. MIEX aims at preparing the global business leaders of tomorrow. The program covers basic aspects of International Business Administration and Management as well as current research and consultancy methods. In-class preparation is accompanied by a set of hands on, in-the-field experiences that put theory into practice


                  • Reserved for candidates who are citizens of countries outside the European Union from  to 31/05/2023

                  • Open to all candidates from 01/06/2023 to 14/07/2023

                  Always dare, never regret and treasure what you learn from the cosmopolitan community you belong to. Alessia Fabbri, MIEX Alumni Ed. 9, Customer Service Specialist at EFS-Ebrex.

                  The goal of MIEX Master in International Management is to train its students to cater to the needs of MNCs and companies operating on international markets or to support SMEs willing to boost their internationalization. MIEX’s mission is to offer its students top quality international management education and insights, as well as practical hands-on business experiences through a strong and reputable network of global partners in Italy, France, Brazil, China, Germany and Mexico. MIEX maintains its longstanding tradition as a leading international management program that shapes well-rounded, dynamic professionals who are ready to face the global business world head on.

                  MIEX’s modular structure allows students to tailor their experience to best suit the needs of their professional aspirations.
                  MIEX Students may choose between a 1 year professional master and a 2 year multiple degree Master of Science

                  COURSES AND FACULTY
                  • International Banking
                  • International Human Resources
                  • International Marketing & Brand Management
                  • International Business Law
                  • Strategic Negotiation for Sustainable Growth
                  • International Business Strategy & International Entrepreneurship
                  • Industrial Economics in a Global Context
                  • Strategic Management Accounting
                  • International Finance
                  • Global Supply Chains
                  • Conferences, case studies, business games and company visits

                  DEGREES AWARDED
                  MIEX FAST TRACK- 60 ECTS
                  UNIBO Master di I livello in International Management


                  MIEX MSC TRACK - 120 ECTS
                  UNIBO (60 ECTS)
                  Master di I livello in International Management +
                  ICN Master of Science in International Management

                  Plus one among:

                  • UFRGS-- Mestrado Acadêmico Em Administração
                  • ECUST-- MSc in Business Administration
                  • LASALLE--  Maestria en Administración de Negocios Internacionales
                  • ICN BS-- MSc in Marketing and Brand Management MSc in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management

                  MIEX is co-designed and offered with ICN Business School that benefits of the above listed accreditation.

                  MIEX’s mission is to offer its students top quality international management education and insights, as well as practical hands-on business experiences through a strong and reputable network of global partners in Italy, France, Brazil, China, Germany and Mexico

                  • Aula internazionale
                  • Docenti internazionali
                  • Lezioni in lingua straniera 100%
                  • Tirocinio formativo all’estero
                  • Tirocinio formativo presso aziende internazionali
                  • Frequenza del master presso sedi estere
                  • Rilascio di titoli di studio esteri

                  Excellent knowledge of the English language.
                  The knowledge of a second foreign language (e.g.: Arabic; Chinese; French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish) will be considered preferential as well as previous work experiences in related areas.

                  • Laurea primo livello
                  • Titolo equivalente
                  SI, è previsto un piccolo costo per partecipare alle selezioni.
                  Il numero massimo di allievi ammessi al master è di 70

                  Admission to the Programme is conditional on successful and positive evaluation of the submitted qualifications.

                  Minimum score for admission is 60/100.

                  Evaluation of qualifications is done as follows:

                  • Consistency of the previous studies and post bachelor degree experiences with the objectives of the Master´s outline: 25 points.
                  • Statement of Motivation content: 25 points.
                  • English Language Proficiency: 25 points.
                  • Marks/Grades obtained for the Bachelor Degree: 25 points.
                  • Valutazione del cv
                  • Lettera di motivazioni
                  • Referenze
                  • Valutazione del portfolio
                  • Test e/o colloquio di lingua
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                  Si, sono previste borse di studio

                  0 a copertura totale
                  6 a copertura parziale

                  MIEX offers 6 partial Scholarships for a total amount of 12.000,00 Euro, which are awarded to the top 3 students of each MIEX selection window translatinge into the following fees according to placement: 1st place 6,000.00€, 2nd place 7,000.00€, 3rd place 8,000.00€

                  • Tutoraggio
                  • Laboratorio
                  • Accesso wifi
                  • Accessibilità disabili
                  • Attività culturali
                  All MIEX courses, are designed to reduce on-the-job training time for participants so as to offer companies the possibility to smoothly access well prepared and skilled resources.The career paths of MIEX graduates span a wide spectrum of industries and job functions offered worldwide. Large firms and MNCs usually hire MIEX students in Marketing, Logistics, Finance and Legal Departments. A significant number of the graduates have started their careers in local units often located in their home countries. SMEs also offer very interesting and appealing career opportunities for MIEX graduates.A smaller group of MIEX graduates are self-employed or small business entrepreneurs. MIEX enjoys a very good performance when it comes to graduates’ job placement. It is very common that participants receive a job offer from the hosting company before the end of the internship or project work. On average, upon graduation, 80% of MIEX participants receive job offers. The remaining 20% find a job within 6 months after graduation. These figures show that there is a considerable interest, both on a national and international level, in the MIEX Master program, developed in co-operation with the partner universities and supported by various firms and business organizations.
                  • Job posting
                  • Book e/o database dei diplomati
                  • Sondaggio occupazionale ex-allievi
                  • Assessment tool (punti di forza, match con aziende, attitudinietc.)
                  • Risorse per avvio start up
                  • Inoltro cv alle imprese
                  • Monitoraggio feedback aziende
                  • Opportunità internazionali
                  • Presentazioni aziendali
                  • Stesura CV
                  • Individuazione aziende per stage
                  • In-company training
                  • Affiancamento nei contatti con le aziende
                  • Monitoraggio qualità del tirocinio
                  One of the highlighting features of MIEX is its open network of partner firms worldwide. MIEX aims to help businesses and organizations improve their competitiveness and ability to penetrate international markets by effectively exploiting the know-how and expertise offered by its network of Partner Universities.The relationship between MIEX and its collaborating companies creates an environment where academia meets practice and vice versa, creating a dynamic environment where the most up-to-date knowledge and best practices can be shared.Partner companies may also choose to collaborate with MIEX on a medium-to-long term basis by joining the MIEX Business Network, granting companies the possibility of offering Practical Work Activities and hiring young managers with international profiles, possessing a profound knowledge and passion for international business.
                  Azienda Settore
                  • Project Work
                  • Docenze
                  • Stage
                  Barilla Alimentare
                  Ducati Automotive
                  Maserati Automotive
                  UniCredit Bancario
                  GRUPPO MAX MARA
                  Enel Energetico
                  Ferrero Alimentare
                  Intesa Sanpaolo Bancario
                  Kraft Foods Alimentare
                  Wolkswagen Italia Produzione
                  Nissan Italia
                  L'Oreal Italy
                  Totale Partnership: 20
                  One of the highlighting features of MIEX Master in International Management is its open network of partner firms worldwide. MIEX aims to help businesses and organizations improve their competitiveness and ability to penetrate international markets by effectively exploiting the know-how and expertise offered by its network of Partner Universities.
                  Attivita legate alla Community Alumni:
                  • Presenza su social network
                  • Ex-allievi nel corpo docente
                  • Incontri con ex-allievi

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                  Docenti universitari
                  Ricercatori/lettori/visiting professor
                  Consulenti/liberi professionisti
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                  • Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna (122)
                  Nome del Master
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                  Master in Odontoiatria Conservativa e Protesi Estetica Bologna
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                  MIEX - Master in International Management Bologna
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                  Master in Relazioni Internazionali Europa - America Latina Bologna
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                  Master in Evidence-Based Practice e Metodologia Della Ricerca Clinico-Assistenziale Bologna
                  Master in European Regional Master in Democracy and Human Rights for South East Europe Erma-dhr Bologna
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                  Master in Human Resources and Organization Bologna
                  Master in Neurofisiologia Clinica Bologna
                  Master in Alimentazione ed Educazione Alla Salute Bologna
                  Master in Intellectual Property Valorisation for Knowledge Exchange & Impact Bologna
                  Master in Business Management in Europe and Latin America Buenos Aires
                  Master in Giurista e Consulente Della Sicurezza Alimentare Bologna
                  Master in Assistenza Infermieristica in Cure Primarie e Sanità Pubblica – Specialista in Infermieristica di Famiglia e Comunità Bologna
                  Master in Finanza, Controllo e Auditing Bologna
                  Master in Impresa e Tecnologia Ceramica Bologna
                  Master in Pediatric Urology: Contemporary Strategies From Fetal Life to Adolescence Bologna
                  Master in Marketing Management Bologna
                  Master in Riabilitazione Infantile e Metodologia Della Ricerca Bologna
                  Master in Orticoltura Terapeutica Bologna
                  Master in Riabilitazione nel Linfedema e Lipedema Bologna
                  Master in Diritto Marittimo, Portuale e Della Logistica Ravenna
                  Master in City Management Forlì-Cesena
                  Master in Materiali Compositi Ravenna
                  Master in Anestesia e Analgesia dei Piccoli Animali Bologna
                  Master in Fundraising per il Nonprofit e gli Enti Pubblici Forlì-Cesena
                  Master in Diritto Dell'Impresa e del Mercato Bologna
                  Master in Bioeconomy in the Circular Economy (biocirce) Milano
                  Master in Economia Della Cooperazione Muec Bologna
                  Master in Gestione Teorico-Pratica Multidisciplinare Delle Malattie Infiammatorie Croniche Intestinali Bologna
                  Master in Trattamento Integrato dei Disturbi Dell'Alimentazione Bologna
                  Master in Management per Funzioni di Coordinamento Delle Professioni Sanitarie Ravenna
                  Master in Assistenza Infermieristica in Area Critica - Area Intensiva e Dell’emergenza Bologna
                  Master in Chirurgia Implantare e Ossea Ricostruttiva Bologna
                  Master in Funzioni di Coordinamento Nelle Professioni Sanitarie Bologna
                  Master in Criminologia Critica e Sicurezza Sociale Bologna
                  Master in Fisioterapia Muscoloscheletrica. Terapia Manuale ed Esercizio Terapeutico Bologna
                  Master in Funzioni Direttive e Gestione dei Servizi Sanitari Bologna
                  Master in Soft Tissue Management Around Teeth and Implants Bologna
                  Master in Cooperazione Internazionale e Inclusione Educativa: Nuove Sfide Professionali Bologna
                  Master in Editoria Cartacea e Digitale Bologna
                  Master in Digital Technology and Innovation Management Bologna
                  Master in Imprenditoria Dello Spettacolo Bologna
                  Master in Pedagogia e Teatro Bologna
                  Master in Ikona. Produzione, Curatela Digitale e Valorizzazione del Patrimonio Audiovisivo Dello Spettacolo dal Vivo Ravenna
                  Master in Diritto Bancario Dell’unione – law and Practice of the Banking Union Bologna
                  Master in Storia e Cultura Dell’alimentazione Bologna
                  Master in Analisi Chimiche e Chimico-Tossicologiche Forensi Bologna
                  Master in Diritto Penale Dell'Impresa e Dell'Economia Bologna
                  Master in Costruzioni in Legno Bologna
                  Master in Ultrasonologia Specialistica in Medicina Veterinaria dei Piccoli Animali Bologna
                  Master in Coordinamento Dell'Assistenza Territoriale Bologna
                  Master in Antropologia Scheletrica Forense e Paleopatologia Bologna
                  Master in Medicina Legale e Forense Veterinaria Bologna
                  Master in Cybersecurity: From Design to Operations Bologna
                  Master in Gestione e Riutilizzo dei Beni Sequestrati e Confiscati. pio la Torre Bologna
                  Master in Sustainability Transition Management Bologna
                  Master in Endodonzia Clinica Bologna
                  Master in Ortopedia e Traumatologia Dello Sport Bologna
                  Master in Public Management and Innovation Bologna
                  Master in Politiche e Gestione dei Servizi per la Salute. Europa-America Latina Bologna
                  Master in Data Science and Business Analytics Bologna
                  Master in Amministratore di Sistema in Diagnostica per Immagini e Radioterapia Bologna
                  Master in Materiali e Prodotti Polimerici per il Settore Biomedicale Bologna
                  Master in Ingegneria Clinica e Dispositivi Medici Bologna
                  Master in Medicina, Chirurgia e Biologia Della Riproduzione Bologna
                  Master in Gestione d'Impresa - Business Management Bologna
                  Master in Patologie del Piede Bologna
                  Master in Comunicazione Storica Bologna
                  Master in Odontoiatria Infantile e Ortodonzia Intercettiva Bologna
                  Master in Endoscopia Avanzata 'Luigi Barbara' Bologna
                  Master in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Bologna
                  Master in Gestione e co-Produzione di Processi Partecipativi, Comunità e Reti di Prossimità Bologna
                  Master in Medicina Comportamentale Degli Animali da Compagnia: Diagnosi, Terapia e Riabilitazione Bologna
                  Master in Diritti Umani, Migrazioni, Percorsi di Inclusione Interculturale Ravenna
                  Master in Medicina Sportiva e Riabilitativa del Cane Bologna
                  Master in Trattamento dei Dati Personali e Data Protection Officer Bologna
                  Master in Diritto del Lavoro Bologna
                  Master in Digital Marketing and Communication Bologna
                  Master in Nutraceutici, Fitoterapici ed Integratori Alimentari Bologna
                  Master in Linguistica Clinica Forlì-Cesena
                  Master in Sustainable and Integrated Mobility in Urban Regions Bologna
                  Master in Educatore Nell'Accoglienza e Inclusione di Migranti, Richiedenti Asilo e Rifugiati Bologna
                  Master in Infermieristica Forense, Legale e Delle Assicurazioni Bologna
                  Master in Minimally Invasive and Robotic Pediatric Surgery Bologna
                  Master in Finance and Fintech Bologna
                  Master in Giustizia Costituzionale e Diritti Umani Bologna
                  Master in Transitions and Innovations in European Territories: Environment and Post-Anthropocene Landscapes Ravenna
                  Master in Posturologia: Attività Percettivo-Sensoriale, Motoria e Cognitiva Ravenna
                  Master in Giornalismo Bologna
                  Master in Global Master in Business Administration Bologna
                  Master in Fitoterapia Veterinaria Bologna
                  Master in Malattie Metaboliche Ereditarie e Screening Neonatale Bologna
                  Master in Mixr – Master in Innovation in Extended Reality Bologna
                  Master in Cure Palliative Pediatriche Bologna
                  Master in Produzione Biologica: dal Campo Alla Commercializzazione Bologna
                  Master in Governance e Innovazioni di Welfare Locale Bologna
                  Master in Large Marine Vertebrates Sciences Forlì-Cesena