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This intensive Master is organized in a 3-month schedule, enabling students to gain specific competences and skills in a short period of time. The Master teaching methodology is a practice-oriented approach, which aims at transferring knowledge through a learning-by-doing process. 

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The Belgian Italian Chamber of Commerce's International Master in European Studies is organized in a 3-month schedule, enabling students to gain specific competences and skills in a short period of time. The Master teaching methodology is a practice-oriented approach, which aims at transferring knowledge through a learning-by-doing process. About 30 students from different countries and diverse educational backgrounds will attend the Master; therefore, it is a multi-cultural learning experience that will also enrich the personal abilities to work in a European context. Only in the Capital of Europe one can really breathe the EU atmosphere and be able to seize every single opportunity in the field of European affairs! Being this Master Brussels-based, students will be able to start building their own European network of contacts.


The Master will provide the students with the practical knowledge and tools to work in the EU Affairs.

Section 1 – The European construction and policies
It provides students with a broad and comprehensive understanding of the European construction, from the historical, juridical and economic point of view.

Section 2 – Design and management of EU projects
It focuses on the mechanisms, tools and criteria for designing and managing successful EU-funded projects and tenders. How does the European budget work and what are the main funding schemes? How to apply for a EU grant? How can a private or public organization answer to EU procurements? How can NGOs, SMEs, and other entities receive funds from the EU for their ideas? 

Section 3 – Meetings with European experts
On-site seminars held at the European Institutions and meetings with project managers, advisors and lobbyists.  

3 months, 400 hours divided as follows:

Section 1, with teacher-led lessons in a traditional classroom setting and personal research;

Section 2, with frontal classes and project works, is the core of the Master;

Section 3, with meetings with Brussels experts, once a week;

The Job link module, with 5 hours of training.

Students that successfully pass the evaluation process will receive the Master Diploma, co-issued by the European Desk of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of European Studies of the University of Louvain. Students will also receive a Certificate with the transcript of exams and the final grade obtained.

  • Docenti internazionali
  • Lezioni in lingua straniera 100%
  • Tirocinio formativo all’estero
  • Frequenza del master presso sedi estere

Assessment criteria:

  • motivation (33%);
  • university degree (16%);
  • degree mark (10%);
  • working experience (8%);
  • internships (8%);
  • post-graduate courses (7%);
  • fluency in english (8%);
  • other languages (6%);
  • Erasmus and other international experiences (4%).
Criteri di valutazione delle candidature:
  • Valutazione del cv
  • Lettera di motivazioni
  • Test e/o colloquio di lingua
Requisiti per essere ammessi:
  • Laurea primo livello
Numero massimo di studenti ammessi: 30
Scholarships of 2.000 € each can be awarded to students. Each scholarship will be granted based on the evaluation of the application (according to the assessment criteria) and on the applicant’s income.
Costo del master: 4300 Incl. IVA
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  • Tutoraggio
  • Accesso wifi
  • Accessibilità disabili
  • Attività culturali
The job link module helps the participants in their search for traineeship and employment, through different activities.Class session: the advice of an expert will help the students to adjust their CVs and Cover letters, as well as to use the right techniques while approaching the EU affairs job market.Individual tutoring:personalized advice related to their profiles.Meeting with expertsInternship support office:during and after the course, the European Desk of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce proposes various traineeship and job opportunities in Brussels.CV Book: the Master’s participant’s profiles are published in the CV book that is sent to hundreds of European organisations, companies and associations in Brussels and throughout Europe Student's occupation after the master is divided as follows:- EU institution, International organization 14%- National or regional representation 5%- Confederation, Chamber of Commerce 9%- Consultancy 45%- Think tank, Research institute, University 9%- NGO 18%

  • Job posting
  • Book e/o database dei diplomati
  • Sondaggio occupazionale ex-allievi
  • Inoltro cv alle imprese
  • Opportunità internazionali
  • Presentazioni aziendali
  • Stesura CV
  • Individuazione aziende per stage
  • Seminari di orientamento
  • Tecniche di job hunting
  • Affiancamento nei contatti con le aziende
  • Monitoraggio qualità del tirocinio
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