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The Master examines the space designed both in its aesthetic and functional aspects and in those, less obvious, methods ofuse and symbolic values. It emerges a dual path, starting from the instinct of men to make room, placing its own habitat, investigates theperformative value of built, depositary of the fundamental values of the community.Suggestions and theoretical stimuli become the material on which it’s possible to develop the project activity focusing all attention on making concrete what elective scope of a designer.

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Lights, gardens, furniture and spaces are the most important focus of every skilled Interior Architect. The IAAD Master Course in Interior Architecture trains the future light designers, garden designers and furniture designers: all professionals figures that are increasingly being demanded by discerning, rigorous and eco-friendly customers.

The contemporary interior designer is inclined to the development of a collaborative creativity, knows how to organize goals and needs, and gives the right answers to customers increasingly aware and prepared in terms of materials, technologies and market trends.


In addition to the conscience of the economics of the project,
students IAAD must acquire the ability to do marketing of
themselves - essential to present and understand their work
and their skills. During the course, great importance is given
to presentations and design contest: students are encouraged
to make presentations of their work and supported to
participate in national and international contests: the projects
must not only meet the designers, but they must be able to
be appreciated and understood by juries of experts and the

History of furniture and interior architecture
Sketch up
Tools and techniques for professional practice
Use of social networks and web based office tools
Revit BIM
Arduino and 3D printing
Principles of lighting and energy saving
Cinema and architecture
Light and space
Laboratory of literary architecture
The space of memory
Living the web
The piece of furniture
The garden
Live viral

The Master Programme in Master in Interior Architecture - New forms of contemporary living is a full time course lasting 16 months divided into 2 modules:
• Preliminary Module
• Master Module

  • Lezioni in lingua straniera 100%

Applications need to be submitted  via e-mail or traditional mail.
Applications have to contain these documents:
- Curriculum Vitae
- Cover letter
- Portfolio
The Master Coordinator, assisted by an academic board belonging to the Communication Design department, will communicate the results of applications.

IAAD reserves the right to ask the candidate, when deemed necessary, an additional interview at the head office or via Skype.

Criteri di valutazione delle candidature:
  • Valutazione del cv
  • Lettera di motivazioni
  • Valutazione del portfolio
  • Colloquio individuale motivazionale

Preliminary can be accessed by graduates and postgraduates in Architecture, Design. The course is also geared to welcome young professionals who wish to specialize in interior design and graduates in technical disciplines or humanities (admission subject to the evaluation of the previous preparation, especially in the field of representation).

Admission to Master from Preliminary depends on the positive result of the exams undertaken during Preliminary.

Requisiti per essere ammessi:
  • Laurea primo livello
  • Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica/Vecchio ordinamento
  • Titolo equivalente
Numero massimo di studenti ammessi: 30
MASTER COSTSPreliminary Module (60 ECTS) 7.000,00 euro// Enrolment fee 1.150,00 euro (to be paid on enrol-ment)// Tuition fee 5.850,00 euro (to be paid within three weeks before the course start)Master Module (60 ECTS) 12.750,00 euro// Enrolment fee 1.150,00 euro o (to be paid on enrol-ment)// Tuition fee 11.600,00 euro (to be paid within three weeks before the course start)Enrollment in both modules simultaneously: 17.750,00 euro
Costo del master: 17750 Incl. IVA
Sono previste borse di studio
1 a copertura totale
4 a copertura parziale
  • Laboratorio
  • Attività culturali
  • Accesso wifi
  • Accessibilità disabili
In order to allow students to have access to the best opportunities in the creative professional job market, IAAD oversees contacts between students and the professional world, promoting their graduates and master graduates with the main players in the market.Thanks to a relation network with the reference environment, IAAD possess a regularly updated company database. These companies are in constant contact for the selection of young talent to place in their structures.

  • Book e/o database dei diplomati
  • Monitoraggio feedback aziende
  • Opportunità internazionali
  • Monitoraggio qualità del tirocinio
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Master in Interior Architecture - Nuove forme dell'abitare contemporaneo

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